We offer individualized support that fits the specific needs of your patients

Upon enrollment, your dedicated KYNMOBI® KYNNECT Support Team will

  • Call to introduce themselves and let you and your office staff know what to expect throughout each patient's onboarding journey
  • Coordinate the delivery of a Patient Starter Kit directly to your patient's home, if needed

KYNMOBI® KYNNECT provides support for the following:

Benefits Investigation

Benefits Investigation

  • We will provide any additional benefits support if needed, including prior authorization (PA) and appeals support
  • Within 6 hours of enrolling a patient, we will send the benefits verification to your office
  • If a PA is required, it will be uploaded to your Electronic Health Record system within 1 minute
    • The KYNMOBI® KYNNECT team will follow up within 24 hours to address any questions

We use digital communication (ie, email, text) whenever possible to keep you informed of your patient's progress

Dose Optimization

Dose Optimization

(if Titration and Education Support is chosen at enrollment)

  • A Clinical Educator (CE) will be assigned to support and educate your patients as they work to find their personalized dose and will coordinate these visits directly with them. They will also provide you with updates along the way so you'll know exactly where your patients are in the process

Our streamlined process makes it easy to track the KYNMOBI onboarding progress of your patients

Prescription Fulfillment

Prescription Fulfillment

  • Once you determine your patient's personalized dose, send the prescription to Careform Pharmacy* and we will coordinate fulfillment and shipment to your patient's home or pharmacy

*Patient benefits investigation and verification of insurance coverage are provided as a service by Careform Pharmacy, a non-commercial, non-dispensing pharmacy.

With KYNMOBI® KYNNECT, you can be confident that your patient will receive their KYNMOBI once it's been prescribed

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KYNMOBI® KYNNECT: 1-844-596-6624, 8 AM-8 PM ET, Monday through Friday.

KYNMOBI® KYNNECT: 1-844-596-6624, 8 AM-8 PM ET, Monday through Friday.


M-F, 8 AM-8 PM ET


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