KYNMOBI® KYNNECT: The flexibility to meet your patients’ onboarding needs

Comprehensive support

KYNMOBI® KYNNECT for KYNMOBI® (apomorphine HCl) is specifically designed to help providers and patients understand and manage the challenges of accessing therapy every step of the way. KYNMOBI® KYNNECT is a quick phone call away and can assist with the following services:

  • Titration Education and Support: This optional program offers supplemental in-person and virtual visits with Clinical Educators (CEs) to educate patients about dose titration and support and monitor them throughout the process. CEs communicate with HCPs, patients, and/or care partners before, during, and after titration
  • Prescription Triage: KYNMOBI® KYNNECT can triage a prescription to a retail network pharmacy. This can be initiated through an e-prescription sent from your Electronic Health Record (EHR) to TC Script
  • Patient Follow-up: KYNMOBI® KYNNECT can provide patient follow-up to help patients get started with their KYNMOBI prescription or answer any other questions that come up along the way
  • Reimbursement Services: The accurate completion of reimbursement or coverage-related materials is critical. KYNMOBI® KYNNECT will complete a benefits investigation for each patient case and will initiate a prior authorization (PA) through CoverMyMeds®, if needed

KYNMOBI® KYNNECT enrollment form

Access support with CoverMyMeds

CoverMyMeds, an industry-leading PA support service, offers an efficient and no-cost method for providers to complete PA requests. Please visit to complete initial and reauthorization requests, and any appeal requests for KYNMOBI.

PA assistance with CoverMyMeds

PA support at your offices:

  • Automates the PA process to free up more time for patient care
  • Can be accessed online at or via many EHR systems
  • Physicians and staff can proactively access and submit a PA prior to writing the prescription

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