The flexibility to meet your patients’ onboarding needs


  • An all-digital, online enrollment process captures all the information you need to start your patient on KYNMOBI® (apomorphine HCl) sublingual film in one form

Titration Education and Support

  • Patient Support: Patients enrolled in the Titration Education and Support program will receive supplemental training and support on KYNMOBI and the titration process from a trained and experienced Clinical Educator (CE)
  • Flexible communication: The CE can provide training feedback according to schedules and preferences (email, phone call, text) that work for both your practice and your patient
  • Pre-titration visit: During this session, the CE will provide initial education and gather information to prepare for the titration visit
  • Titration visit: The CE provides supplemental education and support to the patient during the initial dose self-administration, either in person or virtually
  • Thorough titration follow-through: The CE will schedule additional titration and education support visits if necessary. After each visit, the CE will provide you with a summary

Reimbursement and Savings

  • Clinical Coordinators will complete a benefits investigation for each patient case and will initiate a prior authorization (PA) through CoverMyMeds®, if needed
  • The KYNMOBI Savings Program may help patients save on medication costs

KYNMOBI® KYNNECT enrollment form

KYNMOBI® KYNNECT: 1-844-596-6624, 8 AM-8 PM ET, Monday through Friday.

KYNMOBI® KYNNECT: 1-844-596-6624, 8 AM-8 PM ET, Monday through Friday.

Access support with CoverMyMeds®

CoverMyMeds, an industry-leading PA support service, offers an efficient and no-cost method for providers to complete PA requests. Please visit to complete initial and reauthorization requests, and any appeal requests for KYNMOBI® (apomorphine HCl).

PA assistance with CoverMyMeds

PA support at your offices:

  • Automates the PA process to free up more time for patient care
  • Can be accessed online at or via many Electronic Health Record systems
  • Physicians and staff can proactively access and submit a PA prior to writing the prescription

CoverMyMeds is a registered trademark of CoverMyMeds LLC.


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