Two options are available for obtaining the Patient Starter Kit

Identify and prescribe

When you have identified an appropriate Parkinson's disease patient with OFF episodes for treatment with KYNMOBI® (apomorphine HCl), a Patient Starter Kit is available to help them find the most effective and tolerable dose. There are 2 ways to get a Starter Kit to your patient.

Option 1: A Therapeutic Specialist can provide your office with a Patient Starter Kit to give to the patient

Option 2: You can e-prescribe a Patient Starter Kit to Careform Pharmacy for direct delivery to the patient's home through KYNMOBI® KYNNECT

The KYNMOBI Patient Starter Kit includes:

  • A Patient Starter Guide with information about the onboarding process, a dose tracker, education on OFF episodes, and instructions on how to start taking KYNMOBI
  • A KYNMOBI Titration Kit with 2 individually packaged films of each strength, for a total of 10 films

Patient Starter Guide and Titration Kit
Patient Starter Guide and Titration Kit


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